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If you want your childs clothes as new, we offer some useful advises. First of all you must know the basic symbols of washing:

Washing machines Max temperature. It depends on the fabric and its flanctuated between 30ºC and 95ºC. In the particular case the max temp is 30ºC.

If there is a line under this symbol it must be washed on low temp.

If there is an X on washing, the specific garment must not be washed with water.

If there is a hand, it is a delicate garment that should not be washed in the washing machine. It is recommended to dissolve the detergent before hand washing and not to rub the clothes hard.

Dry cleaning is allowed.

Dry cleaning is not recommended.

You can use a chloride product during washing.

You can use a chlorine-free product specifically for preserving colors.

Do not use chlorinated products.

Ironing at low temperature: 110 degrees maximum. Be careful with steam irons can cause irreparable damage to clothing. It is recommended that you do not exceed this temperature on fabrics such as silk, rayon, vinyl or acrylic.

Medium temperature ironing: 150 degrees maximum. This symbol is usually found on clothes made of wool or polyester.

High temperature ironing: 200 degrees maximum. It is usually allowed on cotton, linen or viscose clothes.

Do not use iron or steam.

Dry on a horizontal surface without spreading.

The clothes must be spread while they are still wet, so that they drip.

Apply in the shade so that the clothes do not come into contact with the sun

It can be put in a dryer. Maximum temperature: 50ºC.

Do not use a dryer.

If you can follow the steps below:

Separate the clothes you will wash by color and according to how dirty they are. Stain remover products are very aggressive and best avoided
Put the recommended dose of detergent as indicated on the package, because the above dose of detergent may leave residues on the fabrics.
Wash clothes at low temperature. Washing at high temperatures consumes more energy and wears clothes.
Do not leave the laundry in the washing machine for a long time after the washing is over. This way you avoid unpleasant odors and wrinkling of clothes.
If possible, spread the clothes in the shade to protect the colors and not fade from the sun.
Do not overload the washing machine bucket: if it is completely full the clothes do not move freely and are not washed well.